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Originally Posted by mpw View Post
Updated to JB, spent a week with it and decided to throw in the towel and get a Nokia!

Lots of seemingly great features, but so s--l--o--w.

The sloth I could just about have lived with, telling myself it's last gen handset running the latest(ish) software, but final straw was what got broke.

A number of apps I did have are now no longer available 'in my country'; with the Play store largely off limits, moving to another OS was an easier decision; both Apple's and MS's app stores either 'just work' or can easily be got working.

The Nokia is very slick too, not just compared to the Note, but even compared to the S4!! easily swapping between screens/apps quicker.

I know if I'd spent much longer with Google Now I'd be missing it, but no point sticking with an OS that's dropping support and features.
What country are you in?

Something's seriously wrong with your note, and isnt representable of the large majority of notes that updated to jb.

have you even attempted a factory reset?

yonks ago when i updated to gingerbread on my old htc magic, it was pretty much unusable. But a factory reset sorted it out fine.
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