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So I just bought this phone yesterday. I will do a mini review here and hopefully do a further review later.

Display: One of the best display I've seen recently. I love the display on the iPhone but this one is just as good but with more resolution and of course higher pixel density. I'm not disappointed so far.

Performance: Absolutely no LAG so far. I have the original Evo and stutter and lag would drive me crazy sometimes (which almost make me transition to an iPhone) but this thing perform like a champ. Although sometime Androids begin to lag much later on, but I get the feeling it won't happen to this phone.

Looks and build quality: All the people that I have shown this phone to is in awe. One of them is even thinking about getting one and he uses the iPhone!

Camera: The camera on this is quite good especially the low night. It actually captures pictures better than what I can visual see.

UI: I'm overall happy with sense and I have stuff up and running but I not totally please. Navigation is simple and easy.

GSP: seems to look instantly the time I tested it. Needs more testing.

Now for the not so great:

Overall I love this phone, but the glass is not totally in aline with the speaker piece. The glass is sticking out a little which is giving me the feeling that I can cut myself on the glass although this is not possible. I might return this one for another before my 14 days are over.

I think the data reception might actually be just a tad bit slower to switch on 3G than my original Evo.

4G LTE is suppose to blanket Boston but I rarely get reception at my house and my job which is strange as WiMax are very workable on both locations. When I leave my building, I do get fast LTE but well....I'm don't use data when walking. For this reason I was thinking of returning the phone and keep using my Evo until the LTE build is more complete.

On the plus side, 3G is fast enough for me to stream youtube videos and music so I'm ok at this time.

I keep thinking, maybe I could wait a bit and get another phone with a Snapdragon 800, but I guess I should stop with that mentality as something better will always be around the corner.

Three quick questions:

1) Is there a back arrow key somewhere for going backwards? In the original Evo there which made navigating the phone a bit easier.

2) How easy is it to root this phone?

3) Is there a way to change my handle for ThermoEvo to something else? I never liked it very much.
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