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Originally Posted by mpw View Post
Wasn't aware I'd contradicted you at all, rather the opposite would seem to be true!

And as the UK isn't a country, so far as I'm aware, that Google is no longer supporting with the Play store it's no surprise your experience differs anyway. This lack of support is not my opinion either, it's evident fact.

I am surprised that you don't find the Nokia 820 more responsive and quicker than the N7000 running JB, especially as you've previously mentioned some noticeable lag, but I'm happy you're happy with Android.
The UK isn't a country? What does that mean?! Google is no longer supporting with the Play Stiore? What?!

The Nokia 820 is a completely different animal to a Galaxy Note. It's slick and pretty but far less flexible. Like the iPhone it's a completely controlled platform. That's fine for some users, but it's far less flexible and powerful than Android. I would recommend Windows Phone over an iPhone if you don't want Android, especially a Nokia Lumia because the hardware is very nice and you get great Nokia apps like maps and drive, etc. But you dissing the Note in preference to Windows Phone is nonsensical. Compare apples with apples (no iPhone joke intended!).

And the bottom line is that my Note is note is not slow since the JB update, even though I have over a hundred apps installed and have done no performance optimisations at all.
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