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Default Video MP4 files not readable

So I took a video file and dropped onto my computer to trim and edit - by windows media player couldn't open the video file. The audio was there... but no video. I used VLC to covert it to WMV and now WMP can open it, but Windows Movie Maker crashes every time I try to make an edit.

My GoPros all use MP4 and WMP can open that fine... what is different about the way the HTC One encodes the video files that WMP cannot read the files?

Note that my OG HTC Evo and HTC Evo 3D never had this issue...

Mine play in VLC just fine. I used the USB cable to transfer the file onto my hard drive.

This is on a PC. I have not tried a different computer yet.

The details of the file don't show how they are encoded but thy are at 19.6295Mbps bit rate, video/mp4.

I'll delete the file and try the transfer again
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