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Originally Posted by dgold82 View Post
Hey rushmore, I thought you would like to see a few snippets from my chat with Verizon. Every once in awhile I like to check in with them to see what they are telling people out there:

Sigh--I like how she wanted me to go to a class about it! I sent her a couple links about the issue and told her to educate herself.
That's a key piece of misinformation that's out there. "Well you have a SD card slot, so you can save whatever you want on there." They don't know that Android has since DISALLOWED you from installing apps on your SD card (unless your device is rooted, which would void your warranty, and carriers such as Verizon wouldn't want you circumventing those would they?).

I never realized you couldn't install apps on SD until recently, up until then I figured I could always install a 64GB SD card and I'd be fine.

Pretty sad though that carriers give this type of bogus information to customers who are looking to purchase a new device. They should educate customers so they can make educated decisions on which product will best suit their needs. Nothing like being told you'll be ok because you can get an SD card, when after the fact you see your device is full and now you are out of luck because you are past your return date.
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