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Originally Posted by yash78 View Post
So i tried to send a song to my mates S3 using S Beam/NFC. Bring the phones near,I get the vibration ,get the touch to beam and then it disapears. On the other hand, he was able to send me a song..? Also the touch to beam option only comes up in the play music app..not the default music app. Should I be taking it to the store?
Tried with a few of my friends S3's

Also How on Earth Do you use the NFC payment system? There only be seems to be some USIM payment stuff on my phone?. How do you even use that
To use the nfc payment system, you need to setup a credit or debit card details on your phone. After that, go to a store that supports nfc payment and just put your phone on top of the sensor. Remember to turn on nfc!
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