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So I finally got it and I have to say, I'm impressed

I run Go launcher over the top and can't be bothered to re learn my phone again and go without some features that Touchwiz just cannot emulate.

OK, so the speed thing. I think it does lag a bit more, but I'm pretty certain it is because of 7 million processes going on in the background.
I thought about killing some apps off but the truth of the matter is that I don't know enough about the sys processes to know what to disable and what to leave on and because there are loads of them, I'm not about to spend weeks turning each one off and then seeing if I've buggered up my phone.
I like the dual screen thing, it comes in handy whilst watching "How to" vids and taking notes at the same time and also texting at the same time as performing other tasks, such as surfing the web and wanting to share specific info. No need to keep flicking back and forth or writing it down first.
Love the notification bar and all it's novelties and the thing which I freaking love is Google now. I can't believe that everyone is going on about it being a battery drain and all that jazz.
All I can say is get amongst it. Learn the phrases that work in your room if it's too embarrassing. It quickly feels normal and even outdoors, friends are now used to me talking to my phone. Strangers not so much but that's natural I guess until everyone else starts using it
Latest Software running on the GT-N7000..... well played Jelly Bean people, a job well done.
I set up an S4 for a friend the other day...... I'd suggest you don't play with that...... it makes the Note look like it's struggling and will make you want one It's sooooo bloody fast and smooth. Of course it could just be because it is factory fresh or because it has a better processor, but somehow, I doubt it. I just think that things have moved on and the original note is starting to struggle a little.
Roll on the Note 3
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