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Originally Posted by dgold82 View Post
Hey rushmore, I thought you would like to see a few snippets from my chat with Verizon. Every once in awhile I like to check in with them to see what they are telling people out there:

Sigh--I like how she wanted me to go to a class about it! I sent her a couple links about the issue and told her to educate herself.
I have stopped cutting their people slack for just being ignorant. Seems a uniform near-lying effort now. These CSR "content experts" are perhaps looking at sdcard0 and ass-uming it is the external sd card? Since the external is also mapped as well in the stock file manager app of the S3, it appears these people are on a full-on campaign of pure BS at the expense of their customers that through revenue, GIVE THEM A JOB.

Google pulled the feature out due to people card swapping and cheap sd card use. Too much customer service cost/complaints due to those people.

This could get real nasty in a few months.

Added: What is going on with Samsung and Verizon with the sd card BS? Recalcitrance, or mental flatulence?
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