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Originally Posted by PilotBob View Post
So, I really hate cases... but for the price this phone costs I do want to protect it. I was thinking a Zagg invisishield full body.... but there are others too, iSkin and Ghost Skin... Also, otter box makes one (yet I saw a youtube video where someone punched a pen right through it).

How touch is the case? Does it scratch easily? How about the gorilla glass, is it as tough as corning would tell us?

As for the toughness of GORILLA GLASS,I'd say yes,it's tough/durable & highly scratch resistant.My previous 2 phones + this ONE w/GORILLA GLASS have held up well w/o a flaw to be found.W/that said,it's not bullet-proof,w/dirt & grit being the most likely of culprits to cause scratching over a period of time.

Shatter-proof,definitely not.Shatter resistant,yes,however,YMMV as no two user experiences are replicable in this scenario.

If you're prone to dropping your phone or exposure to grit/dirt is the status quo,at minimum get a screen protector & a TPU case,which there are plenty to choose from,right here in this very thread,or,venture to AMAZON or e-Bay for an even larger selection.

Originally Posted by Dr Jones View Post
Zagg screen protector is the way to go. Sprint threw in a pack of Fellow's screen protectors with my purchase. There were 3 in the pack, and I've already gone through 2 of them. I had a Zagg on my EVO and it works as good if not better than you'd want.

IMO, I would just get the screen protector though. The full-body shield isn't going to do anything against drops. No case really will outside of an otterbox.
Of course a skin won't provide the protection that an OTTERBOX provides,however,a body skin will/should at minimum protect against surface marring & provide a minimal amount of shock absorption.It also provides for a firmer grip,which may prevent such drops from occurring.
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