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Originally Posted by Mello_Asian View Post
I have a question about the batteries. So I've heard reviews of how good the batter is for the One, and how it lasts people a day and even a bit more but I'm not sure if it's just my phone.

Basically, I charge my phone overnight. When I wake up at 6:00, its fully charged. Throughout school, however, I notice the battery percent lowering after every period of time. By the end of school, which is around 2:30, it would have around 50ish% (yesterday) to 25% (today) left and I don't even use it that heavily. The reason for the 25% today is because I've been using Snapchat during classes, but the battery percentage being that low after school contradicts what other reviews are saying about the One's battery life, which can supposedly take heavy usage and last a day.

Is there something wrong with my device, or is this normal for everyone else?
Without knowing everything that's going on w/your phone,the best thing you can do is download a battery app such as BETTER BATTERY STATS or GSam BATTERY MONITOR,run it for a few days,as prescribed per each app,& then post some screenshots here for troubleshooting by the community.
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