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vzw will probably take heat for saying apps can be saved to sd. and deservedly so. which makes me wonder why google hasn't jumped into the mix yet?? vzw would be better off just telling people it's highly unlikely they'll need more than 9gb of app storage space anyway. then point folks to their settings screen so they can see how much app space they're currently using, just to prove the point. people are just gonna load up the same apps they have right now anyway.

that said, i doubt they'll get dinged because 9gb of app storage isn't enough (except for the gamers). where they'll get dinged is their incompetence and lack of knowledge on how the software on their flagship phone actually works. i'm a little baffled at why google hasn't clarified this for them yet. how long can this go on before google starts to take some collateral damage? they have to know by now that the carriers are misrepresenting the functionality of their software...
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