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Originally Posted by whiteguy00 View Post
I get 4G (not LTE) occaisionally at my house. Then the symbol swaps to E , but never 3G ( My Dads iPhone says 3G ). If I go to the city I get 4G LTE.

Do I have it turned off some how? I have AT&T.
No, you're fine. AT&T reports what we used to refer to as 3G (which is HSPA/HSPA+) as "4G" now (its a marketing ploy of some sort), and LTE (which is actual 4G) as "4G LTE". Edge is still "E"

The reason the iPhone reports 3G is that it's probably from back before at&t started changing their marketing (lying in my book, but that's just me) about what signal is what generation.
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