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Originally Posted by LoyalServant View Post
If your going to get a phone and use it on T-Mobile.. and you don't care about HSPA on AWS or LTE then an unlocked one may be for you.
Otherwise.. best to stick to the carrier variant and get S-OFF via JTAG if you really want it... or just use htcdev.
Yes, t-mo told me on the phone, 60days before they will unlock even if you paid in full. While the CEO announced that that would unlock any device that was paid for in full.

Are you saying this will affect LTE as well? I thought it was only the 1700Mhz GSM freq that was missing.

All this makes me think choosing the unlocked from HTC might have not been the best choice. (I had some trouble with my credit card and couldn't get it ordered from tmo during the trade up special weekend).

While I can still switch at this point it would cost me $140. (Rather than doing that I would probably just get the Nexus 4 instead.)

That all said... is there any tmo map that shows current LTE coverage areas?

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