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Default Sim unlocks for the HTC One On AT&T

Greetings all,

Some information to those of you that may seek a sim unlock for your HTC One.
This is how I got one after a several week ordeal.
I hope this helps someone.
Keep in mind that AT&T is playing hardball with the HTC one... it's messy.

AT&T has a sim unlocking policy just like any other carrier.
There is a blog post that outlines parts of their policy here:
Bottom line: We Unlock Our Customers

I can verify that AT&T DOES unlock the HTC one.
My request to unlock has been approved and I am just waiting for the code now.

There are conditions to this... such as you did not buy the exclusive model, it was paid for in full, etc.
People that paid in full fall into a sort of black hole.
Their system does not deal with this situation and manual intervention is required.

Beware the reps telling you nonsense such as:
- The device is exclusive (not totally true and they WILL argue with you!)
- It was not active for 90 days
- AT&T does not unlock devices
- The phone is owned by AT&T so they do not unlock them (LOL)

Fact is, these people do not know about recent changes to policy and this policy is still changing from what I have been told.

I have a contact at AT&T that is dealing with this and I will ask her for guidance as to
what people should do if they encounter this issue.
I just wanted people to know that it can happen if you get the right person.

Remember, the AT&T reps think that BOTH HTC one variants (32 and 64gb models) are "exclusive" and will refuse to help you.
Their superiors will refuse to help you.
A lot of their social media people will refuse to help you.
I just happened across the right person, and got lucky.

The point is.... don't give up and be persistent.
Present the facts and be ready to prove you bought it outright by showing a receipt if you bought it at a dealer.
This is very important!
You need to be able to back everything you say up so make sure you have links, receipts, correspondence, etc.
Point them at their own blog, etc.

I will also not give the contact info that I have... that would not be right, sorry folks.
I will update this when she lets me know what I can tell people.

Hope this helps some of you get an unlock if you bought it from AT&T at full price!
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