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Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
LTE will not be affected as the Unlocked version has AWS LTE otherwise know as band 4. Also T-Moble is migrating their 3/3.5g from 1700/2100 to 1900 so eventually it will all be 1900 (however long that will take).
I think I have 1900 in my area. Is that going to be HSAP+ 21 or 42?

I'm trying to talk HTC into honoring my trade in if I cancel my current order and re-order from Tmo... we'll see how that goes. If that doesn't happen I guess I'll just try out the phone here and if I don't get 3G decide then whether to lose my $100 trade-in and pay $40 tax to buy from tmo, or go with the Nexus 4 which, while not LTE does support the HSAP+ 42.

Cell phones and wireless stuff shouldn't be this complicated.

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