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i haven't seen the growth in app sizes you guys are talking about. most apps seem to be trending towards being lighter with the exception of games. let's take a look at the play store...

browse the top 30 paid apps in the play store and all of them could be installed with under 2gb of app data used. and that includes social media, office, productivity, utilities, etc.

add the top 10 paid games in the play store and that would add under 3gb. that includes some big name ea titles and angry birds, temple runner, etc.

that's 50 of the top apps in android play store that would take up less than 5gb on the device. leaving the user with more than 3gb available for a bunch of 'normal' android apps that are usually around 10mb or smaller in size. which would be at least a few hundred more apps.

looking at the data seems to support that most people just don't need a whole bunch of space for app storage aside from those loading large games. this is probably the same information google shares with the manufacturers in determining how much internal space for apps most android users need.

32gb should be an option and if one comes out i'll get it just because (), but the better point is about the mis-communication and incompetence of app storage space vs sd card usage (which i think google should address). trying to make the point that most people are going to need the app space doesn't seem to be accurate. the data just doesn't support that theory. just saying there is a perspective of reality that drives decision makers that aren't based on the microcosm of users that post in forums. we're important too, but on a much smaller scale.
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