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Sprint and Tmo are hungry for new customers, so if there is any chance to gain or keep customers, they will add the 32gb. The odd one out of the "big ones" is Verizon. I can not help but think that some of their people are brilliant in their own mind:

Marketing genius while showing a pretty Power Point slide:

"I have a game changer here! If we just sell the 16gb and price as the 32gb from last year, there will be no customer sense of differentiation. Based on the expected mean of sales, we can increase margin by selling just the 16GB!"

Recent hire that happens to be at the meeting and loaded with new-enthusiasm:

"But the engineer devs are saying the storage is low after out of box installs. Could we at least offer the 32GB as well and charge $50 more?".

A cold silence covers the room. Marketing genius says:

"What low storage?! EVERYBODY knows you can install apps to the sd card! Next!".

Marketing and finance bust out in a group dance similar to the silly Microsoft Surface commerical. New hire goes to a corner, starts sucking his thumb and thinking of a happy place.
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