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Originally Posted by starchile View Post

THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!! This is EXACTLY how I feel about this phone and I'm coming from an HTC EVO 4G as well. I LOVED that was easy to use and figure out. It was very intuitive and easy to navigate. Of course it didn't have all of the bells and whistles this phone has but do you REALLY need "blinkfeed"?? Yes, the sound is much better and the camera's shutter speed is pretty awesome but the QUALITY of the pix compared to my EVO is just SAD!

THE MOST annoying thing about this phone, which has me considering returning it, (I don't know the language) is the touch sense is off. I have to tap items like 4 and 5 times before it will register.

There are many more little things that bug me about this phone which has me wondering if it's really worth it.

I have to disagree with you on the picture quality being worse than the OG Evo. This phone crushes the OG Evo in every way and certainly crushes the Evo 3D. It becomes less clear when comparing the Evo 4g LTE to the One but overall I find the One has more flexibility in the camera. If your Touches don't seem to register you may want to try a hard reset or return for another (assuming you are within the 14 day window). Curious.... do you have long nails? A friend of mine had a terrible time with her EVO 4g LTE because of her very long fingernails not registering the touch.
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