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Originally Posted by reilus View Post
The world of rooting often necessitates compromises. You'll have to decide what is most important to you.

For example, I'm not interested in rooting until (1) my warranty expires, (2) I can reset the flash count so I don't void my warranty, or (3) I'm convinced -- through discussion in the forums here and elsewhere -- that I should root and forgo my warranty all together.

Since I'm reading about hiccoughs, I see no way to reset the flash counter, and my warranty has not expired, I'm waiting a little longer to root. You'll have to decide your own level of involvement in Project Mayhem.
I would second this. These are my three requirements before I root a phone. As it is, I am already having to return a SGS4 which had some issues. As I was on the phone with tmobile, my one thought was that I was grateful it was under warranty and I did nothing to void the warranty.
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