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Originally Posted by nomunk View Post
I love that I don't have to manually switch 4G on and off, the HTC One does it automatically when I'm in a 4G area the phone automatically switches to 4G.

Coming from a Galaxy S2 I had to manually switch 4G on and off [and] not know if I was even in a 4G area or not.
The Galaxy SII was a Wimax (4G) handset. The HTC One is an LTE (4G) Device. The two networks, while both 4G, operate in different ways and are received on Sprint handsets differently.

On the SII, you could have left the 4G radio on all the time, and the phone would have switched over to Wimax when the signal was detected. (not exactly recommended for battery savings)
On the One you can set the phone to browse on CDMA 3G network only and manually turn on 4G LTE whenever you want to, just like the toggle on the SII.

Originally Posted by ironman187 View Post
hehe, I'm the exact opposite, I have Sprint, and they have virtually NO 4G LTE coverage, so it's a sure bet that wherever I am there is no 4G coverage. I would rather be able to toggle 4G on and off to keep the phone from constantly searching for something that isn't there and using battery life to do it.
You can do this.
Go to Settings -> Mobile Data (click the line, not the toggle to the right) -> Network Mode -> select 'CDMA Only'
The phone will only browse 3G networks and not actively look/connect the 4G LTE signal.

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