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Originally Posted by UpInTheMorning View Post
Thank you for the responses. I have a second phone that I use whereby I change out the SIM card. This phone (what I call my U.S. phone) i need to keep my regular number; hence the same SIM card, so that people can call me with my regular cell number.

I didn't mind my minutes being used, as I have an unlimited minutes plan, but this phone is not from T-Mobile. I bought it unlocked, so it doesn't have T-Mobile software in it. I do have a T-Mobile account, though.

I appreciate your responses, but I can't swap out the SIM card as that would give me a different number. Same problem with pre-pay, and Google Voice. Any other solutions are most welcome.
I really doubt you will get a better solution, unless Tmobile can forward your calls to your Google Voice number.

The problem is the wifi calling that Tmobile uses on their phones is proprietary. When I got the Nexus S I missed that feature with Tmobile, but no one was able to successfully port it to the Nexus S. if something can't be ported to a Nexus, it probably won't be ported to anything. Maybe I'm wrong though.

My solution was to switch to my primary number being my Google Voice number. I went through the pain of switching numbers, but I never have to do it again. I can always use wifi calling or forward calls to any phone, and no one would ever know that the call was being forwarded to any number. If that isn't an option, I don't know what else to suggest.
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