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Here is a summary of the apparent reality at least for us Verizon folks:

1. Their install base keeps growing due to their coverage map
2. They have a LOT of legacy unlimited data customers- Most (me included) will go nowhere and they know it. We are essentially a captive/fixed install base for them.
3. Verizon seems to be milking customers by charging the 32Gb price from last year for the 16Gb this year. Unless sales fail to hit their projections, why introduce another model?
4. Their own people are uniformly misleading people that ask about the 32GB- this suggests it is a scripted response from corporate.
5. There is no information about a 32GB in their system which means there is no SKU code for the product. No way that we see the option at launch- if ever.

Given that Verizon did not even bother with the new LG 5.5" Pro (32gb and sd slot), it seems that Verizon is milking its customers by selling lower total cost products at higher margins. They are a business, so as long as their install base keeps growing to their projections, they will probably not change course. Why would they?

A little insight is what goes on in sales and operations planning meetings that are driven by quarter points and fiscal year goals. All the higher ups get their bonuses based on making or beating the numbers. Most tend to "sandbag" the numbers so that whatever the minimum goals are, THAT is what they plan for. This way, they assure they get their BONUSES for the year

My verbose point being- Sure, not selling a 32GB will hurt them, but if they sandbagged their sales projections, it will not be enough to get in the way of their bonuses. THAT is the most important thing over ANYTHING else. Word.

Added: Actually, the sales projection/sandbag/bonus stuff can be used for other carriers as well. Simple point being, Verizon is not hungry and the other carriers are. That is why the others are offering IMO better device options now.

Added 2:

The most asinine thing is you would think Google would be PUSHING both makers and carriers to offer larger storage options and sd slots. The Google market is a giant shopping mall, but the Samsung S4 16G and other devices like it create a small parking lot.
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