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Originally Posted by mike1000 View Post
Thanks for the answer, you've helped a lot - in as much as - that makes the decision to just send this phone back easier.

My next question is, if i'm returning an M7 that is bricked because of a corrupted TWRP, how would I brick the phone to a point where it's just a black screen, therefore hiding TWRP?

I don't really want any advice as to unbricking, simply because I've spent the last 3 days doing just that and it seems I attempted to flash a bad rom with a bad TWRP and have since tried every step known to man: reflash TWRP, reflash cwm, use all in one toolkit.....the phone is bricked and needs to be exchanged.

what happens when you flash from twrp to CW or vice versa? does the recovery still change? if so you could always find a stock recovery and flash that,so at least it would boot to a stock recovery.

however,if you change your mind on un-bricking,im sure its possible if you let us know what happened and what youve tried. an s-on device is only giving you access to boot,system,and recovery. all the vitals(radio,hboot,etc) are still proteced,and therefor next to impossible to brick with software. not booting is different from being hard bricked
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