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Default Review of Yoobao S4 cases with lots of pics!!!

This is a review for various Yoobao S4 cases I just received from kevikev: Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

Since I just posted my review for Yoobao Thunder 13000 mAh external battery and some N2 cases (if interested you can check it out from my sig link), I wanted to point out these are genuine Yoobao products, not some cheap ebay/HK knock offs. Kevikev is the only US authorized Yoobao dealer/distributor which also services their product under warranty. Just wanted to bring this to attention because I got very confused when I was looking for Thunder battery and found a bunch of lookalike knockoffs. Also, told me about the current promotion of 10% with a coupon code of kk001 on purchases of $50 or more and also free shipping when you order two items (although you guys have to contact them about details of free shipping).

I received 3 cases and will do a review in order of how I took pictures of each below. First one is a unique combination of TPU bumper molded with semi-transparent matte finish PC material on the back. This hybrid case is very light. Unlike some slim cases that offer only plastic back to scratch protect the battery cover, this one has a decent TPU bumper that snuggly wraps around the phone without too much pull. It offers a nice protection lip so you can place your phone face done without worrying of scratching your display or screen protector. The PC material seems to be hard and looks like scratch resistant (I tried to scratch it with my nail lol!!!). All the ports are perfectly aligned with a nice rounded cutouts. Power and volume buttons are covered, and because its a TPU material those are easy to press and very responsive. The case itself is easy in-and-out of your pocket, will not stick inside Overall it gives you a decent every day all around protection. Plus, as a bonus you get a nice screen protector which doesn't feel flimsy at all (better than cheap stuff you get from ebay), and it comes with a generous size micro-fiber cleaning cloth.

Next one, is a super slim plastic case with a very nice rubbery finish. This one is for those who are after improving a grip of their naked phone and also protecting your battery cover from being scratched. It doesn't offer full wrap around protection of top/bottom of the phone, so you have to be very careful since you can't rely on this case providing an adequate drop protection. It's mostly to keep it super slim and to give you a better handling of the phone to avoid dropping it. As you can see, all the port openings align perfectly. Power and volume buttons are open and easy to access. This case also comes with a screen protector of a decent quality and a very generous micro-fiber cloth which I'm sure a lot of people will find useful even after installation of sp.

The third case is a slim leather flip case that will not add any bulk to your phone while offering a very elegant folio casing and a nice screen protection of your display. That is why no screen protector is included with this one. Considering low price (while still a high quality), it's obviously not a real grain leather, but it's very nice to the touch and has both rich feel and look. The plastic part of the case where you insert the phone has a very nice tight fit that insures your phone will not fall out if you drop it by accident. For that purpose, the inner part of the case where the phone goes actually has a very soft rubbery thin cushion layer to absorb any shock and also to protect your battery cover from being scratched. You get a perfect camera/flash opening and speaker opening, and also cutout to easily access power and volume buttons. The inner side of the flap cover has a soft textured material to protect your display and to avoid any scratches. It also has a speaker cutout so you can use your phone without any obstruction even with a flap closed. Unlike other folio cases, this one doesn't allow flipping of the cover to prop the phone in landscape position. Obviously it's not an intention of this folio case because the goal is to keep it super slim without any additional bulk.

Pretty much all three cases are built for different type of use. These are also come in different colors so you can accessorize properly, just check out the link above for other options. I believe these are new products, so kevikev still updating its catalog because the last time I checked hybrid TPU/PC case wasn't listed in there yet. But you can always email them and ask. Cases are very reasonably priced, and this is the ONLY place in US where you get authorized Yoobao stuff (authorized by Yoobao itself, I did check their website actually) and also it will be protected by their warranty.

Here are the pictures for your enjoyment:

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