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Is the hard drive full/too many write cycles on a SSD? Are the write permissions screwed up? Perhaps just format and reinstall, my kubuntu started acting strange and reinstalling fixed it
It seems to do it on restart or when turned off then back on. I can shut it down and bring it up no problem but it happens only to her. I've lectured her many times about never shutting down Linux but she has windows habits that just won't quit. She often forgets to plug it in and the battery dies. The only time my computer forgets certain things is if shut down improperly. My guess is she is letting it run out of juice. Unlike Windows Linux forgets things like the wallpaper setting if that session wasn't properly logged out. Likewise my Android phone forgets some recent downloads if the device crashes, freezes or requires a hard reset that doesn't properly unmount the external SD card

This laptop has no other issues and is a very expensive model with beats audio and a huge hard drive. I assure you it ain't full. It isn't a SSD
"If you treat your system like a kiln, don't be surprised when a brick comes out the other side."
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