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Originally Posted by ironman187 View Post
Sadly, you missed the point, A defect is a defect no matter how you slice it, and it wasn't just the gap, the plastic is warped outwards and is very noticeable, Oh and one more thing a piece of paper is generally between .0035 and .004", so yes, it is wider than a "leaf of paper". You may call me picky, but the fact remains, not one of my last phones, or my wife's last phones, not one of my electronics, many of which were hundreds of dollars less than the One, and even my digital camera which was cheaper, and has a comparable build (metal and plastic attached to each other) did not have gaps like this.

You have been extremely unlucky then, this is the first decent electronic device I have owned that has had anything like this, in fact, many cheap crappy electronic devices I have owned haven't even had this issue. Bottom line is, it's a tactile defect, whether you choose to accept that or not is irrelevant.
light leakage on in my og evo. On my 3D there was also light leakage. On my 3D and EVO lte the backs left openings where it should've been completely closed.

I still haven't seen anyone post a pic who says they don't have a gap.
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