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Default Case reviews

This is a review of Cruzerlite TPU cases for S4: Galaxy S IV

After just posting a review for Cruzerlite TPU cases for N2, I'm on to S4 I'm sure a lot of the people are familiar with Cruzerlite and their line of TPU cases featuring Andy the Android character. The unique graphic design of these cases is what makes it stand out from other TPU cases. But as I mentioned before, eye candy will not last for too long if the quality of the case iis sub par. After testing these new S4 TPU cases, I can confirm that Cruzerlite delivered again and didn't cut any corners while still providing a great slim tpu case at a very reasonable price.

The first case I looked at was their Bugdroid Circuit model. The case itself is semi-transparent with a nice rubbery feeling. What makes it stand out is the etched out design of circuit traces surrounding Andy the Android. You can actually feel these etched out traces and they give you an additional grip when holding the phone. The bumper of the case wraps around the phone and provides a lip to keep it off the surface when placed display done. Now, here I have some concern. Perhaps maybe it's because I just reviewed exactly the same model of the case for my Note 2, but this lip felt a little shallow to me. Yes, it will keep the screen away from touching the surface, but I would prefer it to be a bit thicker for an additional drop protection. All the cutouts are precise and aligned perfectly. Please keep in mind that I'm suing a display model of S4 and that one has mic opening next to micro-usb which is not precisely aligned by itself (the case is actually all good). Power and volume buttons are open and easy to access through a cutout.

The second case is from their Androidified A2 series. The design also features Andy the Android and semi-transparent material. All the openings are precise and aligned perfectly. And again, I felt that bumper lip could have been thicker. Due to consistency between this and Bugdroid design, I think Cruzerlite was trying to slim down their TPU cases thus trying to avoid any extra bulk including bumper thickness. One thing to note, A2 series design add a textured side grip for an improved handling of the phone. Very nice touch.

As I also mentioned in my other review, overall these are very nice looking TPU cases for everyday basic use. These stand out with it's original design around friendly Andy the Android in the middle. Also, cases have a very reasonable price without sacrificing the quality. For those who like to change their cases on a regular basis and looking for a unique design, Cruzerlite line of TPU cases is definitely something to consider.

Now, here are the pictures for your enjoyment:

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