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Originally Posted by sean76 View Post
Yea the power button is just bad by design! A lot of HTC phones have a severely flush power button, why they keep doing it like this I have no idea?

Anyway how's everything else on the black version, no scuff gate issues like the black iphone 5 I would hope?
They dance on the edge with that powerbutton thing on one hand, if they had it sticking up too far out of the phone, it would be too easy to bump it on something or when you put it in your pocket, which could result in pocket dialing or other unwanted activities, on the other hand, if it was flush, or recessed with the casing on the phone, it would be too hard to press. The power button on my One sits about .01 above the casing of the phone, and with my Trident Aegis case on it, it can be difficult to press. Thankfully, I got used to it (as well as some other odd features of Sense 5.0 such as no menu button) within the first day. It would be unusable if the button was recessed though.

It's actually because there are worse problems to have than the poor fit and finish, the fact that this phone is so new and as such it's a crapshoot to get a perfect phone, and the fact that my phone is perfect in every other way, that I decided to cut my losses and keep my phone with it's warped plastic and gap. However, I still reserve the right to blast HTC for it and other problems, and as you all have read, I have no qualms with doing so. After all, for as much as I like HTC, I understand that in the end, they are more interested in the content of my wallet, than in me, and that's really the case with any company that has something to sell. Sure, some put the consumer higher up on the totem pole than others, but in the end, it's the money they need to survive, not the good will of the consumer.

As for the Black HTC One version, guess what, it's gonna be just as prone to chipping as the silver HTC One. No aluminum surface finish is completely chip, scratch, or dent proof, that's something that nobody can get around. The issue is, it will show up more on the black version than the silver.
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