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Originally Posted by clsA View Post
Some interesting reading guys ...
I have to agree with the different cable or pc theory.

I had a 3 hour adventure just trying to get "fastboot getver all" one day and it turned out I had used a usb hub that gave me all kind of problems. as soon as I used a usb port from the motherboard everything was fine.
yeah,i should have mentioned that... non-powered hubs espeically,can cause all sorts of issues.

Originally Posted by mike1000 View Post
Scotty, I know we're close to the end here because there's not much we can do but as a last bit of weirdness, get this: I went to trickdroid, downloaded the rom and followed the instructions for removing aroma, which i did. I then adb pushed the rom to sd card. I flashed the zip and it went all the way through with a success message and in following what it was doing, everything went ok, including boot images, no errors with a message saying 'success, reboot phone and enjoy rom.'

I press reboot and i get the message "you are not rooted, would you like to install Super SU." I say yes, reboot and it goes to the htc splash for 20 seconds and then into twrp. So in short, I know for sure the rom was successful and somewhere on that phone that rom is fully functional and ready to use, the problem being, something is telling the phone to go to recovery. The rom told the phone to reboot and the phone is using recovery as a default for everything.

Again, I now firmly believe the rom stuck and is there somewhere. Acessing it, or telling the phone to boot into that roms boot menu is a different thing altogether, but assuming we believe the rom stuck, is there anything else you can offer or are we done?

I feel like I'm done lol

EDIT: Reflashed again to try to follow the log as it installed. Anything weird here?

"Forrmatting partitions"

"System is unmounted already."

"Mounting partitions"

"Data is mounted already."

"Kernel will be installed on start up"

"Unmounting partitions'

"Installation finished"
hmm did you try rebooting again,after it dumped you back in to recovery? maybe the 20 seconds on the splash was installing the kernel? devs do some kooky(IMO) stuff sometimes in attempts to make flashing easier. with the rezound,there were roms distributing a ph98img onto the sd card and booting you to hboot,kernel installing apps,all kinds of goofy stuff.

since youve gotten this far,try installing the trickdroid boot image manually. then maybe try it on another pc
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