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Originally Posted by bgapfire View Post
Removable vs. Non Removable battery and storage is subjective as well. There is no right or wrong answer. I prefer the insurance of the removable battery. For me, it is much easier to swap a battery and go than carry a portable charging device.
I can't imagine life without a removable battery. I am a phone addict and check it several hundred times a day. It's my personal computer that stays with me at all times.

When I'm getting low, I pop in a new battery and am back to 100% - and continue carrying my phone and checking it like an addict. Without that option, I would have to tether myself to a charging cable or leave my phone behind (unthinkable). My spare batteries charge in an external charger that changes colors when fully charged ($10 on ebay).

I look around at the airport and laugh at all the 'white' charging cables plugged into any outlet that can be found. I rest in peace knowing my 100% charge is in the thumb pocket of my jeans ready for action.
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