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After testing more with a non demo bloated version, I do not see any speed difference between the S4 and my S3 as far as the UI or apps in general. If I had to pick one, the S3 actually seems a tad faster (stock device). In the S4's defense, it had most of the bling turned on and my S3 has no animations on or S voice. That said, you would think a device that is apparently twice as fast or so would compensate for the bling all being on. By "bling", I mean all the stuff turned on by default out of box from At&t.

Not tested emulators yet. As far as CPU, MAMEreloaded with the game Dead or Alive is the litmus, since does not play smooth on any device except "almost, but not quite" on the iPad 4.

The display though is very nice. Not "lose 17GB of current storage in S3" nice, but nice none the less. It is as nice a step up as the S3 to me was last year. Nice. Maybe Verizon will have an apparent change of heart and release a 32GB due to the feedback. Even my local rep buddy says the feedback has been unusually significant for the lack of a 32GB version. Whatever that means.

My question is when will the media be pressing Samsung and the carriers like Verizon about the scandal known as "Install to SD card-gate". It fits all criteria of a scandal, you know.


I must admit my rep buddy is a tad aloof when I ask him about the sd card BS CSRs are pushing... His response seems more one of calculated indifference.........
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