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Default WiFi problem

Two weeks with a new S 4 coming from an iPhone 4.

I notice when I get to a new location with WiFi on, I get the notification a WiFi is available, then it says "WiFi connected" even though I know I'm not. I want to use my data but this limbo between being on and not holds me up. Eventually (like after 5+ minutes) I get the sign-in screen. In wanting to use the web sooner I've even tried turning it off and using LTE but it still acts like it's on and attempts to get me on WiFi. Similarly some places have more than one WiFi to sign on to but when trying the preferred one it goes to the other. Then when trying to discard or delete one of them it still tries and will disable the preferred choice. When I try the opposite it does it vice versa.

This is sooo frustrating cause it gives me the false sense I'm on WiFi, yet I'm not and in this "no-mans land" where I can't do anything, and it seems to have a mind of its own and takes its time getting on WiFi.

Anyone else have this problem and any solutions?

Other problem: how can I stop my emails from trying to connect when I thought I did so in settings?
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