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Originally Posted by trparky View Post
It's obvious that Apple can't compete against all of these new Android devices. After all, they haven't a good idea since the iPhone 3GS, every other phone after that including the new iPhone 5 has been nothing but rehashed Apple BS.

While the Android world has been innovating, Apple wasn't. So now Apple is waking up to the fact that they are losing the war. But instead of doing something smart, like I don't know... actually coming up with new ideas, they are suing Android manufactures. I'm sorry Apple, I'm sorry that you're butthurt over the fact that the rest of the world is getting better than you are but that's way the cookie crumbles.

You have to keep innovating, you have to keep changing, or your competition is going to do that for you and put you out of business.
Why do they have to reinvent when the Iphone was almost perfect from the beginning when Android devices have not been till recently? Seriously dude. The iPhone is a great device, and for ONE device, vs MANY Android devices, it sells damn well. It out sells any ONE Android device out there. And now that T-Mobile sells them, probably will see even more sales. They aren't far behind all the Android sales combined.
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