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Originally Posted by GatorfanDroid View Post
Really updating services / app? That is a big deal i dunno to me that is not a big deal. I would look towards coverage and speeds as well as customer service. Yes the unlimited plan is lacking in VZW oh well just connect to wifi the rest of the time.

Does AT & T even ave an unlimited data plan?
Not apps, Android version updates.

Like how sprint (last month) and tmobile (last week) s3 have the premium suite update with multiview and att and verizon havent gotten there yet.

As far as the att unlimited, i dont think they have it either, but verizon had it, and is pushing everyone into the share everything plans now

Att is also gsm, which means you can switch your carrier at any time down the road. Ie you can go to tmobile and still use your old phone. No can do on cdma (verizon and sprint)
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