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Originally Posted by nomunk View Post
"U know what I love about this phone"
I love that I don't have to manually switch 4G on and off, the HTC One does it automatically when I'm in a 4G area the phone automatically switches to 4G.

Coming from a Galaxy S2 I had to manually switch 4G on and off [and] not know if I was even in a 4G area or not.
Originally Posted by nomunk View Post
I already knew all of this but thanks for the response anyway
Sure, I remember your name from way back. I figured you knew all that stuff, I recall that you have a good understanding of devices.
I guess my point was that the feature you are attributing to the new phone is actually a network wide 'policy' for nearly all LTE devices and not necessarily an option specific to this handset. Your satisfaction, while ultimately lies overall with the device, in this case is actually a result from the switch from Wimax to LTE, inherent to the Sprint network.
I also wanted to make sure that it was clear that with Wimax, you didn't HAVE to operate the radio manually. You could have let it be automatic if you chose.
And vice versa with The One. You can certainly let 4G be automatically switching or operate it manually.

And lastly I wanted to help educate others as these menus and options are not always known/obvious to everyone. Ironman187 was a perfect example of this
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