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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
They should move their date in too. Best Buy is usually earlier and not later by a few days. I will cancel mine and return the $50 card, since no 32GB.

I honestly do not see a speed improvement over my S3, but do notice the 17.5GB ish less storage than my S3. Nice display though, but not at the cost of so much storage. Games like Blitz Brigade, Asphalt 7, NFSMW, both GTA games and others are played and no desire to juggle those and other games, or start from scratch. Just the specified games are 8GB total, not counting other games and apps.

Heck, even with a 32GB S4 I will be tight, since about 2.5GB less storage than the S3. That will put me at 2GB free. That though is easier to manage than about 15GB less than that with the 16GB.

Jeepers, the Verizon start-up logo animation alone will probably eat 1GB! I kid I hope.

Added: Stores STILL are telling customers they can install apps to the sd card. Consistency.
The storage thing is horrible. I can't believe you only get 8GB on the 16GB model! 8GB is good enough for like 5-6 games tops since the files will be 1-2GB each already!
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