Thread: General AT&T vs. Verizon for S4
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If I did not have unlimited data, I would bail from VZW out of pure spite and in appreciation of At&t considering customers with the 32GB S4. Sure, my coverage for 4G would be compromised, but I WOULD NOT BE USING IT ANYWAY. A 2GB cap with 4G is IMO pure nuts. I would be using wifi most of the time, so no harm no foul on the data coverage.

Alas, my unlimited is coveted. I shall watch a 2GB Netflix video tonight on my S3, just for the heck of it I might not even watch it while it is playing.

Added: Yep, Titanic it is tonight! That will be an easy one to play and not watch. The theme song from that movie alone eats brain cells. Or maybe Avatar! Another large data movie that is easy not to watch. aka Dances with Smurfs
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