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Wow. This is making me look at coverage maps, it really is.

On the one hand, I'm updatable on VZW as of ... yesterday. OTOH, I'm really, really, really annoyed at VZW and am tempted to wait out the extra six months to kill my contract.

(Why am I annoyed? Losing unlimited data (unless I pay full price for the phone) and actually having to pay more on Share Everything for less; customer service lies; every call drops once anyway; did I mention customer service lies; shutting off my data and falsely claiming I requested it; bizarre text messages every time you get an email when the phone is out of the country; only supporting the phones it likes; untruthful customer service....)

So, yeah, seeing as I was thinking of paying full price for the phone anyway, the idea of paying full price for stock android genuinely makes me drool.
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