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Originally Posted by Adara View Post
Wow. This is making me look at coverage maps, it really is.

On the one hand, I'm updatable on VZW as of ... yesterday. OTOH, I'm really, really, really annoyed at VZW and am tempted to wait out the extra six months to kill my contract.

(Why am I annoyed? Losing unlimited data (unless I pay full price for the phone) and actually having to pay more on Share Everything for less; customer service lies; every call drops once anyway; did I mention customer service lies; shutting off my data and falsely claiming I requested it; bizarre text messages every time you get an email when the phone is out of the country; only supporting the phones it likes; untruthful customer service....)

So, yeah, seeing as I was thinking of paying full price for the phone anyway, the idea of paying full price for stock android genuinely makes me drool.
Same here, I still have unlimited but at some pint I am losing it anyway. Indonhave move e family to my plan eventually anyway, might as well just get it overwith.

I had at for about 10yrs, zero issues ith them other than building penetration where I work. Verizon's coverage was much better I that regard. However over the last two years since I left it is much better now with the 4g and lte coverage.

S I am leaving Verizon in order

1. Always late to get phones or just not get them at all. I get 3-4 phones a year so it bugs me

2. AT&T still has this loophole if you want to call it that, I won't go any firer with this but it's a huge benefit and it still works. Lets just say you can get a couple phones per year at subsidized pricing :-d

3. Walking into a Verizon store is like apple but 10x worse. What a bunch of tools. There friggin phone salesmen and act like they went to school for years to learn it, when it actually I know more about what there selling than they do. They are worse than apple zombies. Customer support online and over the phone is the same. At least with AT&T they seem more down to earth when I go into the store or call. They are not putting on this big act for me like I am Nigerian prince
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