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Originally Posted by dandiele View Post
So, I just thought of something while I was sitting at work reading your post. My wife has an HTC one also and she is keeping hers....How would I go about dumping her recovery without rooting and unlocking her device if its possible. Then I could get the stock recovery my self and not have to wait for it because I would really like to send this phone back to t-mobile today for exchange for a different phone altogether cause i'm within their buyers remorse period.

EDIT: Hey hey wait a minute, is this the stuff im looking for?! Pending the answer, boy I feel like a dummy. I saw it say not easily flashable and just kind of dismissed it.

And I think I answered my own question sort of about that nandroid last night having TWRP not the stock recovery, The recovery on that nandroid was about 16mb. The Stock recovery listed above is about 9mb....
sorry for the late response.

yes,that looks to be indeed just what you need. im downloading that,and your nandroid currently. im pretty sure we will find it to conain a twrp recovery image.

in order for someone to make a nandroid that contained a stock recovery,they would have had to launch the custom recovery into phone memory wirthout flashing it(fastboot boot recovery.img). otherwise,twrp is whats in the recovery partition,and thus,what gets backed up.

if your home,and have access to the image from download,check its md5. youll prolly find it to be 3c568f1b53aaae266b75f6649d0372ab

this,with the stock nandroid,should fix you up,and may even get rid of the "tampered" badge once you relock and do a factory reset in hboot

i personally would keep the one.but then,my opinion may be biased
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