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Originally Posted by BLACKTOOTHGRIN View Post
Hmm....I never thought about it like that.
Guess that actually might work though. Thanks XplosiV!
Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a really ass backwards way of doing it.
(not your suggestion, just the manner in which you need take to get it accomplished)
But hey...whatever gets the job done right?

I presume doing it in this manner sends the caller straight to voicemail without a ring coming through to your phone?
Don't suppose there is a "pick-up and hang-up" option in there to avoid the unwanted callers to from going into your voicemail?
That is the BEST feature of the 3rd party apps.
If they're not in your contacts list or are calling from blocked numbers...
your phone never rings, and THEY JUST GET HUNG UP ON!
OMG! I love it! What app are you using? Sounds awesome!
Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me out! Just in case I forget.
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