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I do not think there is much they can do, unless they get rid of all the bling and that would change their marketing push and waste millions $ from the campaign about the features.

Samsung is already playing numbers semantics games. They are touting this as the biggest selling device ever, when in reality the S3 would have done the same thing, but was rolled out in a more staggered launch. Samsung wanted a near global same time launch, so a casualty of that was more Qualcomm chip mix and less 32GB model availability.

Perhaps AT&T principle buyer secured the intial supply of 32GB, so Verizon and others rather than admit this, decided to take advantage of a constrained situation. Price the 16Gb what the 32GB was and maybe never sell the 32GB, depending on sales trend of the 16Gb.

Net result of all of this is a lot of us will probably never see anything beyond what is already available, or known to be releasing: 16GB model.

I can not help but notice though that nobody in the media has called out Samsung and the carriers yet for their misleading customers about installing apps to sd cards. Added: Convenient ingorance or not, it is an apparent "scandal" duping customers in such a broad scope. Most customers are not in the bubble of forums to know any better of what they are being told.
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