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Originally Posted by KOLIO View Post
Well,since you mentioned a stock/NEXUS experience,have you considered cancelling your order & getting this:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition announced

Not trying to sway you from getting the HTC ONE,but,if you're wanting a pure ANDROID experience,this may be more to your liking.
I honestly thought about it, but I have a few misgivings about Samsung devices, namely the plastic exterior and (though not relevant in the case of the Google Edition) Touchwiz. After playing around with the One and the S4 at an AT&T store recently, I'm happy with my purchase. And even though I've paid close to that amount for phones before, the Nexus 4 has set a huge precedence with regards to phone prices, and I couldn't justify paying that much for a pseudo nexus, no matter how great the specs are. I know I'll get the itch for stock android (and it's updates) after awhile. Hopefully I can wait until the 5 comes out. I've been in these circumstances before. Got tired of my Nexus 1, so I got an iPhone 4. iOS was too meh, so I got an Inspire 4G. Sense, too, was pretty meh, so I went Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 back to back. I'll miss it, but the One has been calling my name. I really feel that it may* be the best phone on the market at the moment.

*I'll withhold final judgment until it's in my hands.
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