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Originally Posted by rushmore View Post
Since 9.62 out of box with 16 and should be extra 14.9 with 32gb version, where is the other 1.5gb? Does the 32 have mega extra bloat? Seems to not add up.
I'll just say this one last time and then let it go for good (as every time I've tried on this, I'm think I'm being universally ignored) -

The numbers already don't add up properly on the US 16 GB model vs the European one.

That's not an opinion - it's a fact. Proven by system tools and posted with pictures here.

Unless the US 16 GB model actually has 18 GB on-board (and it does not), then the actual number on the 16 GB isn't 9.62, it's 7.something.

All that may have happened is the truth is finally being told on the 32 GB model - because ... wait for it...

7 + 16 = 23

Detailed tech is very hard to embrace - but the truth cannot hide from it.
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