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Even though I haven't been looking to possibly exchange my 16GB for a 32GB since I am not close to using all the space, I thought I would send AT&T an email asking about it even though it's outside the exchange period... This is part of the response I received:

"We do not have a way to exchange the device for you at this point in time. I contacted Samsung to see if they have an internal upgrade program for the 16GB S4 owners, thinking it might be a simple chip swap, but they do not."
Is this guy serious? He actually contacted Samsung for this? Has this person used smartphones before? He thought it might be achievable with a simple chip swap. LMAO! I guess I should be happy he checked anyway - but it just continues to show that these folks know nothing that they speak of.

He even said I could order the new one at no commitment pricing of $749.99 and to let him know if that is what I would like to do since he'd have to place that order. Umm, it's $669.99 on your own website you clueless moron. No thank you.

Well, it was funny to see the reaction I got. I did respond back to them calling them out on the wrong pricing.
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