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Originally Posted by getinmehbellay View Post
Has anyone experienced any kind of distortion in the photos with the camera on the HTC One?

I used to have an iPhone and was using the app Everyday to take a photo every day, and did this for about 15 months. I'm now trying to do the same with my HTC One, but every time I take a photo with it, the image looks good in the post-shot preview, but when I go to the Gallery, there is a weird distortion going on, as if there's been a horizontal displacement somewhere in the middle of the photo.

Someone's going to say it's because I'm ugly, but apart from that, has anyone experienced anything like this?

Edit: I just wanted to say I tried downloading a different app - I just picked a random Top one off the App Store, Cymera - and the distortion is no longer present.

In another app I tried called 365 Photo App! the distortion was present just like it is in the regular camera/Gallery app. I don't know if this has to do with whether or not the apps use the built-in software, or their own for taking photos.
Can you post a sample of what you are talking about?
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