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I almost pulled the trigger on the Aegis case, but held off.

Hey twister6, reviewing your case reviews (for the GN2), I see you have evaluated the Seidio Active, The UAG, and the Aegis (to name but a few). I don't recall if you've reviewed the Speck CandyShell or not.

I currently have the Speck CS and like the size, but find the case a bit too slick for me. If I have it laying face down on a flat surface, I find it difficult to pick up.

The above mentioned cases are under consideration to replace the Speck, but I'd like your insight since you've seen/tested the GN2 equivalents. I had the Seidio Active case for the GN2, but dumped it when I swapped out the GN2 for the GS4.

I want a case that will let me either slip it in my back pocket or carry it in a belt holster/pouch... oversized enough to accomodate the GS4 with whichever case I end up with.

How would you rate the Seidio Active vs the Aegis vs the UAG? I know the Active case has enough silicon outside the hard plastic shell to give me enough to hold onto when I pick it up. But I don't particularly care for the kickstand feature and how it adds bulk to the overall case.

I like the size of the Speck. If it had some of the lighter gray material on the sides to help with grip, I would probably keep it. But that gray material is only on the buttons and around the lip /face of the phone. Also, I find the Speck volume/power buttons very easy to work which is a big plus.

Bottom line, I'd like to hear a comparison of those 3 cases in terms of size (additional bulk), button operation, and case slickness when picking it up from a face down position... and anything else you might think pertinent.


Edit 1: Here's a holster/pouch that I might be interested in if the GS4 and one of the above cases is a good fit. 7d1f9ec12

Edit 2: According to this page, the Aegis measures 5.80 x 3.10 x 0.6. I'm not sure it will fit comfortably in this case which says it accommodates 5.75 x 3.0 x 0.75 dimensions. It may be close, but it may be tight hindering access. If this is true, how does the Aegis case compare in size to the others?
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