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Originally Posted by sorka View Post
The lack of 32 gb is going to be a bigger issue than people think. I have a 32GB external for all my media, yet I've already run out of internal space due to apps. I don't consider myself an unusually heavy user. I have a few games and quite a few apps. My space requirements have grown dramatically because app sizes have grown dramatically over the last few years. A droid x with an internal 8 GB used to be enough. Now an S3 with 16 GB really isn't any more.

If I get an S4, I'll have to hold out for 32 GB models or pick another phone. I could probably get by with an S4, but resale value is important to me and in a year, the S4s 16 GB will a much bigger issue than it is now and it will be hard to sell.

I agree and speaking to stores and a corporate rep, the amount of push-back has surprised them so far. The reality though is how Verizon planned their sales targets for the device. Simply put, numbers are usually understated to the lowest number that achieves their goals. The key here for the people that make the real decisions is their bonuses, so even if they could have sold 10 or 15% more S4's with a 32GB, if their overall targets (for that device segment) are achieved, THEY WILL (probably) NOT CARE.

"Surprise" would be the key if Verizon bother with a 32GB version, as long as their numbers meet at least expectations and their customer install base grows along with their projections. We will probably only see a larger model if key Verizon people think their their purses and wallets might take a hit.

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