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Originally Posted by BzB View Post
nope. it won't. it's easy to come up with a general idea of how most android users use their phone. just look at the top selling apps in the playstore and that will give you a really good idea. you're in a bubble if you think the large majority of android users need more than 8gb of space for apps. even the 32gb king, rush, acknowledges this.

add to that, an sd card is said to be included which will provide space for media so it's not taking up internal memory.

if sales were going to be hurt by lack of 32gb device, we would see that already. the fact is it hasn't hurt sales at all.

people disappointed by lack of 32gb. even the media is making somewhat of a deal out of it, but the reality is that most people aren't heavy gamers or loading huge apps.

that said, my 16gb is on the way and my 64gb card is in the process of being loaded up with all my media as we speak.
You can say whatever you want, but I'm an average customer with average needs and I won't buy a 16 GB model.
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