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Originally Posted by BzB View Post
and that's your prerogative. however, if you use more than 8gb of app space then you're incorrect in thinking you're a avg android user. not arguing, just stating the obvious.

good luck finding a device that fits your needs or patiently waiting for the 32gb s4. if i were you i wouldn't hold my breath though.
This is a common thread with friends and co-workers. This issue comes up frequently. We are all average users. Just because you say it isn't so doesn't make it true.

Like I said, the 16 GB is barely sufficient while a droid X 2 years ago was more than so. In another year, this will effect far more people than it does now and it effects enough that Verizon should be very concerned....except that they probably know this. My guess is this is intentional as a way to coerce upgrades given that the average user with a 16 gb model will be running out of app space in another year or so.

I think Verizon knows exactly what they're doing and they figure the incremental business they'd get now would more then be offset by the repeat business that they wouldn't get a year from now as those who have to upgrade but otherwise wouldn't had they bought the 32 GB version up front.
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